Tuesday, 1 November 2016

#SportTechJobs: Lecturer in Sports Technology

View details for this Lecturer in Sports Technology job vacancy at Loughborough University in Midlands of England

#AmericanFootballTechNews: Just Play Helps Coaches Teach And Manage Millennial Athletes More Effectively

New technology from startup ventures is transforming the global sports industry. This Startup Series has introduced over 200 startup companies in the ...

#GaelicFootballTechNews: Gaelic football free-takers are going to bloody love the latest technology in rugby balls

They get handy scores, they get to sit out of drills, they're treated like royalty and cut some slack for not contributing as much from open play.

#CyclingTechNews: When a crowdfunded product fails: The rise and fall of the Brim Brothers power meter

One of the most highly anticipated cycling products in recent memory was the intriguing Brim Brothers Zone DPMX power meter, a clever cleat-based ..

#FutbolTechNews: How FC Barcelona leverages technology for athletes’ performance

But in Barça's first-ever public presentation in Silicon Valley earlier this month, Raúl Peláez, the club's head of sports technology, explained how Barça ...